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[1: 944 of 10,000] So It’s You

In Article on February 28, 2013 at 11:59 PM


I’ve come to that age where I barely want to move from one company to another. I am in my nth job and I told to myself this is the second to the last employment of my entire lifetime, the next job is another one last stepping stone, and then I am committing to become an entrepreneur and a high paid consultant. I am a bit dying inside because of fatigue, lack of personal life, and crazy brain cells working all the time but my drive to get it and perfect it do not stop me. I am swallowing my pride to be the best help because one day if I am hiring someone for help I want that person to be as dedicated as me.

I like supporting people with their dreams. I like making things work. I like creating magic. I am not quitting this time even if the odds are unlikely. I have such a lucky superior right now that I am sticking to a real commitment… Until next year anyway. I am treating this company as my own because I see its soul, I am engaged, and I am invited to see everything with barely little filter. I feel it breathing to life. I want it to work perfectly so bad. It’s my baby. I am making myself love this even if it’s not want I want right now. I got my brain, my desire, my experience, my sense of responsibility – it should work. Be the first at something I never thought I would like to be part of.

Photo Source: Tilanofresco.com


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