Yor Ryeter

[1: 947 of 10,000] Today’s Offer – Adoption or Marriage

In Journal on March 3, 2013 at 8:40 PM

I care for my boss because I care for my work. I care for my boss’ dream and I believe on his guts. I believe on what our company is doing and I want it to succeed. I care for my work because it gives me income right now that would lead me into realizing my own dream – to keep on writing, build restaurants, and be a great entrepreneur.

I care for my boss because he made me feel that he cares for the good things; and he think I am one of the best that he got. I know that he is currently suffering for a terrible terrible flu and tired of a recent out of the country trip. I know from a hush hush whisper that one of our best employees handed his resignation. It actually makes me sad to know that fact and if that made me sad what more for him.

AdoptionSo with his distressed physique, he said to me, “My angel, what will I do without you?”

I told him, “You can find and hire two people to do what I do.”

He contested, “There will never be like you.” Well I know that’s true aside from the fact that there are never two people who is alike anyway.

Out of the blue, he suggested, “How about I adopt you?”

I thought about that before but I’m turning 33 on June, no one adopts 33 years old, I gave him a resounding, “No!”

He then paused and suggested, “How about I marry you?”

I was taken aback because he has a girlfriend whom he considers his wife, ridiculous I shouted in my mind, and said “NO” and been meaning to say – ‘I don’t like to steal your girlfriend’s happy ending because I want to have my own happy ending’. Then he added, “So I can tell you what to do,” on that part I was simply disagreeing. I will never marry a man whose intention is only to command me. I like to be lead but not exactly told at all times. As Angelina puts it in the Tourist, “I don’t like being summoned.”

For now, he should just be thankful that I work for him. I will leave him probably next year but he should be on his feet at that time. I wonder what crazy idea he would think by the time I hand him my resignation. For sure, he will let me go because I have a very valid and happy reason… I am moving on to my dream. He already said he loves me and you never stop the people you love for living their dreams even if it will hurt you.

Photo Source: LGBT Adoption


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