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[1: 953 of 10,000] Kookoo Talk

In Article on March 9, 2013 at 2:15 PM

Bird House Clock

I talk to hear my voice, replay conversation, or visualize things – I talk without anyone in front of me when I am alone. The moment I talk without anyone in front of me then people see me do it, they would either think I am talking to a ghost (which is unlikely) or a kookoo crazy person (more likely).

I met a person who talks her mind too loud. I personally think she too is either talking to a ghost or a kookoo person. It is quite sad that it is not the normal thing to do but that is her. I tried to tell her about keeping her thought in her mind when she’s around people but it didn’t work. I will never be able to change her and I shouldn’t. I don’t see her now but last time I heard she was bullied and fighting.

We got to be nicer to unique people!

Photo Source: Connox.com

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