Yor Ryeter

[1: 969 of 10,000] How Can I Still Fantasize Someone I Logically Don’t Want To Love?

In Journal on March 24, 2013 at 12:00 AM

Love PotionI can’t understand why am I so damn attracted with this particular man who I know I can never have or most of all would not want to end up with? Is this what cupid talked about that the love arrow was pinned and I am into this love circus?

Seriously, what is wrong with my heart and my brain? I know my willpower will always say the right things to not flirt with him and get myself in a trap that I will never be able to get away with. I am so scared that I can be so obvious that I liked him. Or my greatest fear that he will actually love me back, pursue me, and at that time I shall decline.

I will eventually take the risk to commit into a relationship but I don’t picture myself with him. His lifestyle and current disposition in life are not something I am willing to accept. I don’t seem to see me fitting in his life too.

I need a potion to fall out of love. I require it badly! I want it now.

  1. If there is no indication that he loves you, then you better not give any hints that you love him! Do not make him pursue you. If there’s no encouragement by him, I think you’ll naturally fall out of love again. It just takes time. Maybe in the meantime somebody else, who is more acceptable to you, may notice you and fall in love with you. And if all goes well, you may perhaps than fall in love with this new person. Take care! Good luck!

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