Yor Ryeter

[1: 970 of 10,000] I Hereby Donate Any Organ

In Article on March 25, 2013 at 12:00 AM

Organ DonorI wondered what’s the point of a clean life is. I don’t smoke, I occasionally drink, I am still not overweight, I have no known sickness, I don’t wear eyeglasses, I usually stay up late and the latter would be my greatest vice right now.

I guess if you’re not busy and try to reflect on things you would still be able to think about – after death I am willing to surely donate any of my organs. I still have my old driving license and checked that one with my signature so if I ever encounter any surprising death I can be of used for someone else who needed some part of me.

An episode of Grey’s Anatomy last week, yes the TV show that makes me cry all the time, makes me realized that there is one more inspiration that I can take out from this almost clean living. A dying doctor made sure that all viable organs possible for harvesting will be of used and I think everyone should be willing to do that. It is nice to be helpful up to the very end.

This could be a new motivation for me to be healthy too if I am that willing to share me to someone. Also, I got to make sure to finally know my real blood type with my sissies before June this year.

  1. Dear Yor, I like this post of yours very much. And I think you’re doing very well. It’s lovely that you feel close to your sisters. I gather you have a great friendship with your sisters and can always trust them. In one of your blogs you mentioned one of your sisters is moving to Australia? This is very exciting for all of you, isn’t it?

    • Dear Aunty Uta,

      Yes, my sissy is moving to Australia on June, 78 days to go. It is pretty exciting and for sure we will surely miss each other. We are hoping for the best because we intend to settle in Australia pretty soon.

      Thank you for the appreciation of my blog posts. I am sincerely thankful and inspired because of it.



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