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[1: 977 of 10,000] Conversation with a Cab Driver

In Article on April 1, 2013 at 12:00 AM

Fast taxiI don’t usually like speaking with cab drivers because I have bad experience from being sexually harassed (the point of touching my leg but stopped him before he could even go further – this may be one of the reasons why I am not trusting of men too easily… for those who cannot contain their maniac behavior) or there are really some instances that I could feel they are getting too chatty and stepping the line of inquiring details that are already too personal (watching psychotic movies can get you really paranoid and careful).

One night, I was simply in a happy mood for a certain celebration that I was willing to speak with a stranger, a cab driver, and better yet I was about to change his perception about my nationality and someone’s point of view on relationship and sex. The talk leads to I shocked him that I am virgin or I shocked myself that I lied having a boyfriend abroad. I sort of used to saying I have a boyfriend to shield myself and put on the sign I am not available and to admit being a virgin is because I know that act should only be done by married people. Call me old fashion but I always have this thought that if you are willing to do the deed then you are ready to miraculously have a child and to not use contraceptive or lead to abortion. The deed is for sharing love and the responsibility to procreate if it’s meant to be.

I was willing to talk those things for a night because I know that I will never have the slight chance of seeing that cab driver ever again and I don’t recommend doing that again, I was just brave that night and I know I can manage to run away when the stranger starts to do something unacceptable.

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  1. As you know, dear Yor, I am quite ancient. 78 actually. So when I was young this attitude about marriage and sex was quite common. Nobody would have regarded you as being ‘old-fashioned’ for having this attitude. How times have changed! If you do what you feel is best for you, I reckon this is the way to go. Your decision is your decision. No matter what.
    A lot of people seem to think these days that casual sex is all right. But I think it cannot be very satisfying in the long run. I think too, a marriage or at least a de facto marriage is the better option. Be happy! And good luck. Que sera, sera. Is that how it goes? I am sure you are a very lovable person.

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