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In Letter on April 27, 2013 at 12:00 AM


Dear Ally,

I could sense that you love me and I know that I am pushing you to someone else because I cannot possibly love you back. You deserve a great young man, someone who is free, and can commit. I am not sure what do I really feel toward you but you linger in my mind more than I could understand and permit. I joked that you marry me so you don’t leave me. I try to protect you and wish that I own you for my personal gain. It is lunacy to pretend nothing comes between us but I know I am just lying to myself.

One day I’m sure you will leave me. On that day, I know that it would bring me sadness. I wish I know what I should do for a pure one like you. It scares me to even imagine admitting that I am starting to fall in love with you. The truth is I have another woman in my life and I believe I love her; and yet when I see you I cannot help but to question what kind of love does linger to see another beating heart who is so close to me.

I longed that it wouldn’t be this difficult.

Good bye.


  1. Wow, this is a difficult situation! And believe me I often contemplated about what happens to people in situations like this. I think it’s what usually is called ‘infatuation’ but the people concerned of course think more in terms of love since their feelings are genuine and troublesome. If they go by their feelings, the situation gets complicated if the man already has a woman who might get deeply hurt if the man leaves her for another woman.

    Some men tend to go very much by their feeling and initially don’t think much about the consequences. However this man in the letter seems to be a far thinking man who doesn’t want to go just by his feelings, especially if he already has a woman who he still has feelings for. And if the man is not a young man any more he feels insecure about a younger woman that she might perhaps leave him one day for a younger man. This seems to be so with the man who writes this letter.

    I have great sympathy for people who fall in love like this. But I ache for the woman who’s left behind. Blame her for not being young and enticing any more? I think this wouldn’t be fair. And I reckon if this younger woman hadn’t crossed his way he could probably continue living with this ‘older’ woman.

    Some men seem to be constantly tempted by younger women. This would make it very difficult for older women to keep their men.

    • 😀 This is a fictional letter and I am not quite sure what a real man in that situation would really be thinking.

      This is just a make believe hunch from a woman’s perspective. 😛

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