Yor Ryeter

[1: 1,007 of 10,000] Ode to Saying #4 – Bullshit!

In Article on May 1, 2013 at 12:00 AM


Being around to a person with anger management problem and who corrects what’s wrong that could result to raising a voice for effect could actually start making my nerves to boil and somehow a bit of following especially if I have my monthly period – I don’t let a bullshit slide. Pointing something bullshit is like being uncompromising with the mediocre, sticking to what is right although abandoning nice for a while, and it is truly breathtakingly inspiring and a bit of wary scary.

I read from City Times paper written by Mohamad Kadry about a man who said “The secret to my success is not compromising…” those were the words of legendary producer Howie B who started as a tea boy, worked with Björk and U2, and now involved in creating music for a Maserati engine.

Ludwig van Beethoven was a master, remarkable pianist and composer considering he was almost deaf, he was also grumpy and cruel in aiming for the best to squeeze a talent if there really is a talent (a real meaner based on a short film I’ve watched anyway called Beethoven Lives Upstairs).

Being feared? Or being respected? Or simply the point of saying NO to bullshit!


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