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[1: 1,010 of 10,000] Ode to Saying #7 – Behind The Scene of a Honker

In Article on May 5, 2013 at 12:00 AM

Finally, my final ode of the week may be a silly one but makes a lot of sense:


When I first drive, being a writer with deep inclination for words, I actually put messages at the back of my car. People usually see “Sexy Hunk on Board” or the most common “Baby on Board” so I usually say something like “New Driver, Be Gentle, Thanks!” or even throw a little greetings for special calendar events. Signs worked, I don’t get irritating remark from other drivers so what they do is they gently passed me by and surely with a smile and kindness.

In life, we don’t always put a sign out there. We don’t know what each person is going through. It takes some shaking up to wake up someone slacking but a bit of leeway could be helpful sometimes.

My boss would always see a Yor that works happily, 97% brings sunshine in the office, and overboard he thought that may be this charming Yor is willing to work at home, skip sleep, and work a little bit more during the weekend. I am concern about the quick take off of the company. I want to work for it like it is mine. But there are times that I just want a balance and take a breather. My boss doesn’t know that at home I got no maid as he does, I do my own laundry, iron my clothes, cook my dinner, and I want to spend time doing personal stuffs like blogging, write books that worth publishing, watching tv shows and movies, reading a book, and spending demanding quality time with sissies. I do all those things without him probably realizing it, but for consolation, he does say “I am sorry to disturb your weekend” is always a good point. So note to self, when I become an employer, I would know that I got to be realistic on my expectations from my employees especially passing on bulky to dos that finished after life, I got to respect out of office time, I got to respect time in the office time, and weekend however tempting it may be is sacred and personal.


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