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[1: 1,011 of 10,000] Home Work

In Article on May 6, 2013 at 12:00 AM

Way-Too-Much-Homework-954x1024Let me dissect my problem on Home Work.

I like working at home but why do I have to bring home work in the first place? I already spent 8.5 hours for 5 days at work.

Disclaimer: I like to work at home only because I wanted to but not when I am demanded.

What are my reasons anyway that sound very convincing to me?

  1. I am a workaholic. I guess I am very very ill and I cannot help it!
  2. I am a perfectionist. I want to make it right even at the expense of my personal time.
  3. I have an overwhelming boss. My things to do never end!?!!
  4. I have the freedom at my own time and my boss doesn’t disturb me for a new task.
  5. I have so much to do; I am not even sure if my procrastination problem is a problem or those were my valid time to breathe.

I think I blame my schools for this. They gave me so much home work since I was a kid that I was addicted and looking for it!!

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