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[1: 1,055 of 10,000] 50 Shades of Grey Review

In Review on June 19, 2013 at 7:04 AM

fifty-shades-of-greyI completed 50 Shades of Grey by E. L. James.

I sincerely purchased the book because of the buzz.

I am quite disappointed about how it was written but the high school in me found the puppy love moments cute and made me think ‘awwwwww’. I’ve always been a lover for ‘first times’ and I found that endearing to have so many of those.

I will most definitely not read the two other books because I think getting to my “Rich Dad’s Before You Quit Your Job” kick will be worthy of my time and money.

If this turned out to be a movie, I will most definitely go and watch the trilogy even.

It has hint of resemblance from Twilight characters, which is kind of pathetic.

I am happy for the amateur writer though because she made it to the publishing world, gathered a Bestseller title, and she can eventually improve her craft.

  1. I have read this book as well, couldn’t finish it though. Because it was so boring. Exaggerated appreciation of the hero. And all that story built on her imagination. About how he done a contract with her regarding not to disclose her relationship with him and all that stupid sex things. I even wont watch a movie if it ever be made.
    But yes I am happy for the author, a lady who is married, would be making a lot of money from royalties. 🙂

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