Yor Ryeter

[1: 1,056 of 10,000] Mad Love

In Journal on June 20, 2013 at 11:59 PM

CouchCan you bear with me and be my shrink doctor? I have a confession. I am probably ill.

I think I am stating to get so obsessed with my boss. I am falling in love with him because he’s in my life every single day. I am overworking to please him. I get so jealous of his girlfriend or when he talks and flirts with other women. I am waiting for his call or email as soon as I reach home in the evening. I wait for his sms first thing in the morning. I often imagine that he’s into me. Even when I sleep, he is also starting to fill my dreams.

He’s a douche bag who takes advantage of my masochistic nature for working way too hard. I am just an employee who he even called by his maid’s name at home. I get paid with a pretty cheap price. He includes me in his shit list. He calls me shorty which I heard him called his pet dog too. He says I am part of the people he loves probably just for the sake that he keeps me (where do you think you’ll find a martyr at this time that actually has a brain to think and work for his benefit). Everyone in the office calls him by his first name but me.

I wanted so much to get away from him. Move away to stop this addiction. He doesn’t deserve my care and attention. Another story of unrequited love or obsession.

Looking at the positive side, I like to think since he’s a difficult man and I am being inspired to work at my best, I consider now as my hands on Master Degree study for a start-up business so when I start to make my own move for our family business I would be so ready. My target of leaving him is in 1 year and I am already counting the days. I can do this!


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