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[1: 1,065 of 10,000] World War Z Review

In Review on June 27, 2013 at 11:59 PM

World War ZMilla Jovovich and Resident Evil made me fascinated with the idea of Zombie like it’s a damn cool thing to defeat.

Brad Pitt won me over being the gorgeous Mr. Smith and a brave manager in Moneyball.

Now, combine Zombie and Brad Pitt in one movie and sure thing it would make me go watch without hesitation!

I was not disappointed but am not giving it a perfect score either. The seat that I got probably made the movie experience a bit bad because it was almost too close to the screen, it only mean that I was too late to get a ticket and there were too many interested moviegoers.

The building discovery of how to fight this sudden zombie attack was gripping. The actress who played the wife has a good character, if that is my mum in real life, she’s freaking awesome for being fast, protective, and loving. Brad acted so well but the mere idea of he’s the only and ultimate hero keeps me a bit aloof although what am I complaining about if he’s so grand good that he is capable to save the day for the whole world!

I definitely applaud the effect especially the part where the zombie pile up to reach the high wall – AMAZING!!!

For the sake of entertainment, go see it.


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