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[1: 1,076 of 10,000] Exhausted of Crying?

In Journal on July 8, 2013 at 12:00 AM

Tired of crying then simply stop the drama!


I don’t like where my monthly period is going. I used to have pimple, then I was mad, now I get too emotional! The hormones inside my body need to learn better way of coping every time that period arrives.

I would be trying ways to avoid the commotion and get pass through this:

1. Stop thinking that I am a victim and I am exhausted. Stop being a Victim so no more “pity-me” thoughts and lines because I am way mature and confident than that. Stop thinking I am exhausted so I can do more positive things with gusto, energy, and dedication.

2. Engage in activities that I love like making sensible blogs (not like this rant) and finishing the books that I have.

3. Plan my future and make actions to start completing it. I should learn to be courageous in making mistakes, learning fast, and pushing to be successful again with the lessons learned this time.

4. Drink water. I have been seriously inattentive of my human need for proper hydration; at least now I do sleep daily.

5. Pray for wisdom and guidance. I should never let my love tank gets empty that I cannot accept forgiveness. I am being too hard on others but I know I am not perfect myself so no more too bratty and stubborn. No more childishness. Be kinder even it’s a bit painful on the pride.

  1. “Be kinder even it’s a bit painful on the pride.”
    Yes, I’d say be kinder on yourself. You are a beautiful person and you got to believe this.
    🙂 Best wishes, Aunty Uta.

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