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[1: 1,104 of 10,000] Too Good?

In Journal on August 4, 2013 at 11:45 PM

Per favore for saying the following cliches –

I was told “I am too good to be true” considering “nobody is perfect.”

HaloI am not claiming that I am perfect but I know for sure that I strive to be very responsible considering I have no parents to consult to, no inheritance to depend on, I want to be a good role model for my sisters, and I just want everything to be perfect in the most pleasant way possible. Every time I try to be evil, my conscience eats me alive, if I try to fight with someone it felt like I am stabbing my own heart, so with those circumstances to consider, I got to behave like a real human being don’t I?

Am I really portraying a too goody good? Isn’t it believable that a good person can exist amidst the crazy world where frequently everyone seems to have selfish ulterior motives? I live by the rule that whatever I do to others will come back to me, so I try to treat people with kindness or the appropriate one to ensure that I get the same. It is not always easy especially if I am not being understood, or I am not in a good disposition or mood, but that is not an excuse to be a bitch. It is a struggle for now to be kinder but if I continue to do it, I believe that it is going to be instantaneous part of my breath in and out. By the way, my overworked body sometimes forget to breathe. I better start being kinder to myself huh!

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