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[1: 1,109 of 10,000] Creating Fear

In Journal on August 9, 2013 at 8:20 PM

FearMy parents died young.

Papa died at 49. Mama passed away at 59.

I’m 33, 16 years away from Papa’s, and 26 years from Mama’s.

I am afraid for dying too soon without making worthy contribution in this lifetime. I am also scared that if I settle down and have kids I won’t be able to be there for them. With the stress that I get myself into, I am worried that I will also have a heartache or develop a deadly cancer.

This silly fear that I thought of makes me sad. If I dig deeper into my heart though, I am comforted with the fact that I love God, my sisters, my dreams that is starting to get realized, and my hope that the world have a soul to be a reflection of heaven. More so, I know that God loves me, my sisters loves me, my dreams stays with me, and my hope lights me up!

Silly fear… fade away.

  1. I can understand that you have a certain amount of fear about dying at a young age. Both your parents died rather young. For sure, it’s natural this would make you think. On the other hand you have this beautiful faith. How you write about it makes for wonderful reading. With this kind of faith and regular check-ups you should be able to lead an enjoyable life with or without fear. You can perhaps see some good in a bit of fear for it may help you in taking good care of all health issues. This is all you can do really isn’t it? So cheer up! You’ll be right. 🙂

    • Awwww thanks Aunty Uta 🙂 That comment made me feel a million times better. Big hug for you. I have to stay positive and enough about creating unnecessary fears. 😉

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