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[1: 1,146 of 10,000] My Reflection on The Power

In Review on September 15, 2013 at 12:00 AM

The Power Rhonda ByrneI finally finished the Rhonda Byrne’s The Power and it really took me so long to read it because I try to absorb the tidbits that could make my life rich and meaningful. Who would not want to live the life they’ve always wanted?

There are so many times that I pause and try to relate on things. The challenge was defying my so known reality. The Power was teaching me to feel like I am already living everything that I’ve ever wanted. I currently struggle with the wrong desires and that is what stopping me to be genuinely letting go of everything negative. I am continuously working on it though because it makes sense.

The greatest lesson that I love from the book is the continuous reminder of focusing on what we love! Keep loving ourselves, keep sharing love with one another to multiply grace, and whenever there are negative situations… immediately go to the thoughts of thinking what we love. We have to always pin point  the lovable.

Enjoy life!

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