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[1: 1,181 of 10,000] I Am Still Watching Grey’s Anatomy

In Article on October 20, 2013 at 6:20 AM

I am still watching Grey’s Anatomy. I am still not over it. I still cry almost every episode (I got a softy heart). What triggers me to talk about this today is a question in a Grey’s Anatomy Facebook page that asked: Which doctor would you want to treat you if you ended up at the Seattle Grace Hospital?

Grey's Anatomy Season 10
It is actually a good question because I want to say can I have almost all of them? I know they are a specialist on their own but if I do pick, here is the order:

  1. Dr. Derek Shepherd – I am most likely to have a brain problem anyway with all the over thinking.
  2. Dr. Meredith Grey – She is smart and caring. I love her character who puts her heart into all her patients almost always suicidal or selfless?
  3. Dr. Cristina Yang – I have a serious heart problem right now. Falling in love with a wrong man so Yang is a bad ass doctor who may try to fix my heart although on the other hand, in reality, emotion is still worked out by the brain so Shepherd is still the best choice huh!
  4. Dr. Miranda Bailey – Another doctor that finds reasons and heart to truly care for the patient. I think I get better fast if she’s my doctor with all the mother instinct included.
  5. Dr. Jackson Avery – He’s gorgeous! I could marry this guy in a heartbeat! And he owns the hospital plus he’s a smart doctor. He’s the complete package. I’d rather want to see him not as his patient but a visiting wife at work. 😉
  6. Dr. Owen Hunt – Because I am clumsy, he’s going to be a great help for my crazy trauma incidents and I know that he’ll always be composed and ready to treat me.

How about you?

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