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[1: 1,182 of 10,000] Brand New Book

In Journal on October 21, 2013 at 11:41 PM

macbook_airI am finally making my first blog post with my new MacBook Air!!!

It feels exciting trying to memorise new keyboard shortcuts and well I got to enjoy the clean keyboard too. There are still more things to set-up though from my favourite and important web pages, files that I always access, and install other softwares.

I’ve noticed that the language option I selected was now asking me to spell in British English instead of American – am I turning into a Brit now! Studying in the Philippines means I am accustomed and leans more on American way but it doesn’t hurt saying “lift” instead of “elevator” every once in a while.

I could imagine making beautiful articles and hopefully my very first book to be published with this beautiful piece of technology that I got myself for Eid and Gitex mania. This is super! Finally building to inspire me to work smarter and not be overwhelmed or find time to be negative in this lifetime.

Cheers to a beginning of an epic history.

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