Yor Ryeter

[1: 1,183 of 10,000] It’s Not Over

In Journal on October 22, 2013 at 11:55 PM

I try so hard to get away from my growing insanity of loving you but the more I fight it, the more I put myself into trouble. I need a new distraction or I would end up hurting both of us. I tried to push you away and hate you but you give me those sad eyes that broke my heart every time.

You don’t know that I love you. I will never admit it because once you find out then you’ll understand why I sometime act the way that I do. You will ridicule me, take advantage of me even more, or decide that we got to stop seeing each other; but the greatest shock that I could possibly imagine is you’ll propose to me and I’ll accept to marry you.

Shall I imagine to be your better half? I can’t. I don’t think I like your world. I know that I’ve been influencing you to change your ways that you would normally not allow but I guess you knew in your heart that I only want the things, which I think is best for you. It’s a crazy world that I got to experience an unrequited love, when I got someone waiting for me all throughout my life to be my only devotion.

In due time I shall understand all these nonsense. The real reason shall reveal itself. I just have to bear the pain for now for secretly loving you. I should be contented that for five days in a week, you try to be silly to make me smile.



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