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[1: 1,184 of 10,000] Artfully Undone

In Journal on October 23, 2013 at 11:59 PM

vogue arfully rumpled undone braid

I am fascinated and in love with artfully undone like the Vogue photo above. It looks effortless but super charming.

What artfully undone means to me?

  • I could imagine myself in my most comfy clothes but ready to dig in with very essential works in life that makes a difference.
  • It is being humble and yet accomplishing worthwhile matters.
  • It is that moment when excuses have no room and I just keep moving and getting things done.
  • The decision to get hands dirty (not the illegal and hurtful kind of way) to make magic.
  • It is feeling the dream, the inspiration, and being in the zone of making myself feel so good and smiling without a bit of force or any pretension.

If those where the magnificent effects of artfully undone, don’t you want the entire population to be in it? Although, being prim and proper has a whole new story and meaning for me. 😉

  1. I guess ” . . . being prim and proper .. . ” is when you go out to your office job or maybe just to the shopping centre or visiting someone for a special occasion.
    Peter and I always just want to feel relaxed when around our home. When we go somewhere and have to look a bit more ‘prim and proper’ we feel all right with the changing in appearance. However as soon as we get back home we straight away change back into our more comfortable attire.

    What artfully undone means to me is, that people dress very casually but still beautifully so they can mix among people and people think they look okay. On a very hot day in Sydney for instance you can detect the majority of people would walk around in an ‘artfully undone’ fashion. Except of course people like office workers: They have to look prim and proper even on a very hot day! 🙂

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