Yor Ryeter

[1: 1,187 of 10,000] Defying Sleep

In Article on October 26, 2013 at 2:46 AM

My sissy said a research found out that a straight 9 days of no sleep would cause death faster than hunger.

I like to defy sleep, sometimes I think it’s a luxury or a waste of time, just like now, it’s 2ish in the morning and yet I am in front of my laptop typing a blog while browsing the net, just finished a cup of coffee, and still seriously contemplating to do some office work. I am also concern that I have a 2 hour driving class when the sun rises (it’s nerve racking to drive because I want it so bad to make it right and fulfil my destiny to be a race car champion).

Stating all the above, I can’t imagine not sleeping for 9 days. I do defy sleep but when I am really sleepy I just doze off very quickly and I usually don’t want to get up once I am lazily lying down. If you’re watching Homeland and remembered the scene when they were trying to get an information from a guy and they stripped him naked, in a very cold room, turn on a loud heavy metal music whenever he’s about to fall asleep, well that was the only scenario that I could imagine on why can’t someone sleep.

The truth is, I got some naps early last night and when I was up, I was up! I also want to do things that personally matters to me. The quiet of the night is magical to me; I could turn on and off the television, I could watch a TED videos on Youtube (inspiring by the way), and I could hear my thoughts more clearly. Also, I am gaining so much weight, I have eaten so much yesterday that I was hoping if I could stay a bit more longer awake then the food could digest better and my newly accumulated fats burn faster (we all know I am fooling myself huh?!)

I am looking outside right now from the living room with a wide balcony glass door without curtains, from a humble sofa, and I enjoy the night lights in Dubai. I also love waking up from this position because it’s majestic. And I am happy. I always find the things that makes me happy and I stick with it, shake things up sometimes, but I try to go back to that state that I am enjoying.


  1. I once didn’t sleep for a week. Although I didn’t die, I did feel like I was dieing. It was the worst case of jetlag i ever experienced and hopefully never again!

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