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[1: 1,195 of 10,000] Rushing

In Article on November 1, 2013 at 5:16 AM


Rushing means rubbing yourself with the chance to savour a moment, be blissful of a crazy turmoil, and losing focus to be great!

When I rush, it is true that adrenaline pumps out from my core but I end up stressed out and making mistake along the way, which isn’t efficient at all. Occasional rushing to is a good way to mix things up but when it becomes consistent then it’s on its way to disaster.

Rushing can be avoided by following these key points:

  1. Plan. Wake up early or make tomorrow’s plan before sleeping in a quiet place.
  2. Focus. Check what is important that would give optimum essential result and make sure they are on top of the list.
  3. Relax. When you’ve jotted down what needs to be done, until you make them, no need to worry. Chill.
  4. Realistic. You can never finish everything in a day so be realistic on what can be done.
  5. Reward. Put rewards in between and a major reward at the end so you feel encouraged to accomplish the task. Although, it should feel like a real trophy to finish the whole list. Be careful that the rewards do not take so much time that may disrupt the actual task instead of helping to encourage.
  6. Finish. Stick to the plan so you won’t feel bad making all the efforts without gaining any result.
  7. Smile. Every item crossed out, be grateful! You’re a beautiful person who can accomplish anything you put your heart and mind into. Enjoy.


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