Yor Ryeter

[1: 1,201 of 10,000] Why?

In Question on November 7, 2013 at 2:10 AM

Why did I lose grip of love, happiness, and inspiration?

Why am I alive? Is it only for my sisters or more than that?

Why am I in my current job and I am finding no joy?

Why do I not find the path to my insurmountable wealth?

Why am I grumpy?

Why am I judgmental?

Why can’t I stop being negative?

Why can’t I attract myself with the right people?

Why am I still asking these questions?


  1. Because you are human & Because the future may hold something special for you…..Time will share its own salvation in my opinion one create the future to a point, one should not think too much upon the moment or the back history as it may carry wounds and look at the future if mind set on something or to the moment may hold a better way for us all…..wishes of a grand weekend, stay safe now.

    • Thanks Stefan, I probably need to see that written by someone else – “I am human”. You’ve written truth that I need to just live.

      I seemed to get hurt too many times because I am making myself too vulnerable. Uffff time will tell indeed…

      • You’re welcome friend, we all need outlet at times and someone who listen in a world very much solitary….. only some words may change the world at times when they are meant…

        Hey we all do get hurt and it indeed feel bad but life is precious and there is a part for us all in this world and yes we do need to fight at times but there is always a sunny day to take away the grey…. and we all hold a part within that will bring us light….. I wish you the best and take care now….. and have a calm nice week.

      • Calm nice week… I need that. Thank you for the nice words. I sincerely appreciate it.

      • No problem friend 🙂

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