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[1: 1,207 of 10,000] Finally The Inspiration That I Am Looking For

In Journal on November 12, 2013 at 12:00 AM

For some time now I lost my passion for working magnificently but joyful at the same time. I knew before that I would be honouring God by using my talent to serve others but the thought that I was still aiming to please my boss was so strong and frustrating at so many different levels and not to discount the standard that I put on myself that tires me to death got me lose my focus to WHO is important.

pinkheelsI was searching for the thoughts that I believe, I trust, and I love, and finally the inspiration that I am looking for was received in my email –

Do the smallest thing for My glory. People may not notice but I do.

Wait till you receive My rewards for the things that you lovingly do.

I am totally smitten with those beautiful words. It’s amazing how every little things will be accounted by God who does matter because He is just and He sees everything. He knows exactly what my heart contains and He showers me with more affection than I could ever imagine and comprehend. I am overwhelmed with gratefulness that every thing that I lovingly do will be rewarded. It is absolutely amazing. I am all perked up to be loving knowing that I am being watched by My Father.


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