Yor Ryeter

[1: 1,211 of 10,000] How Did That Happen?

In Question on November 15, 2013 at 6:48 PM

Am I in serious problem? How did it happen?

How could you fill my mind day and night? How could I be obsessing about you? How could I not stop even if I know it’s not going to work out? How could I not contain my heart going in pain, in shock, in swooning, and in day dreaming the possibility of you kissing me now and sweep me off my feet? I always have reason but why can’t it fight and win over my delusion?


Is it time to stay far away from you? Is leaving you the answer? Is this meant to be? Is it reasonable to meet other men to stop me from focusing on loving you? Is this even love, or lust, or a silly crush?

You are full of drama and I love you, why? Is it because I could actually read your heart, your eyes, your tone, your pain, and your happiness? I feel like I know everything about you and am I really loving even your imperfections? I am quite scared to be stock with you, shall I give my resignation?

  1. My exact problem at the moment. Its hard to recognize what is true love and what was never meant to be. Its sad to say maybe some of us met at the wrong time.

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