Yor Ryeter

[1: 1,215 of 10,000] What My Teenage Self Didn’t Expect?

In Journal on November 19, 2013 at 12:28 AM

Past and Future

  1. Losing both my parents at the age of 32 and there are times that I wonder if I am making good decisions for me and my younger sisters. I know now that I should learn to listen and do what is right; without compromise. It’s all right to make mistake but I got to pick myself up and keep moving forward.
  2. I would spend more than 5 years in Dubai and won’t actually dread it. Enjoy it until the next pack and off to a new adventure.
  3. Possibly falling in love with a man who finds living with a partner an acceptable action, who smokes, and a Muslim. And the possibility vanishes because I know am worth more than that.
  4. Losing optimism along the hectic work load and picking up the pieces with the help of a book. Never stop finding ways to not lose positivity.
  5. Finding real reason to exist becomes very important to truly exist. Then focus for the realisation of who I should be to be part of the world.
  6. Not being able to madly write a novel as I used to do in high school. I hope this starts changing gradually with the existence of my pretty MacBook Air.
  7. I am capable of moving people. I am an influential Monkey so rock it!

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