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[1: 1,232 of 10,000] Judging A Story Teller

In Article on December 6, 2013 at 1:07 PM
I am obsessed with TED talks because it shares ideas on video (very convenient) for someone like me that needed quick fix of stimulation and new perspective. Go to YouTube and check on TED channel (in case you’re wondering, no I am not being paid to promote either YouTube or TEC channel, but I must say I dream to be giving a talk at TED’s soon *wink*).
I came across a modest story teller. I really don’t know what he was supposed to say and how he will say it, but based on my initial encounters, these certainly caught my attention and stirred my curiosity…
Judging with the title – Boyd Varty: What I learned from Nelson Mandela
So many people admired Nelson Mandela and to hear someone speak about him who seemed to be in contact personally – intrigued me.
Judging with the origin – Africa
The whole continent seems very humble, full of story, and I visualised it as ‘too hot,’ literally weather based and they love the outdoor adventure. I am not really fond of going out under the sun and sweating, so to see people fascinated in that circumstance amazes me.
After watching the video – Totally Inspired by Ubuntu
Amazing how a 15 minute video could give me a different satisfaction that nourishes my soul. His stories were told from the heart and I could sense his gratefulness and innocent amazement. It’s beautiful to hear his wonders and he imparted a word that would stick to my being for lifetime – Ubuntu (I am; because of you). The talk was not about Nelson Mandela’s life, it was for him, but most of all the root of the talk embodies the great legacy of Mandela.
Now, watch the video yourself and see what you’ll discover –


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