Yor Ryeter

[1: 1,236 of 10,000] High BP

In Article on December 10, 2013 at 8:33 PM

Blood Pressure33 and a high blood pressure?

There is something in my chest for months now making me breath hard. Yeah, quite ‘me’ unhealthy!

  1. It could be my depression causing me to emotionally eat, gaining weight, and recklessly enveloping my heart with fats. Damn those delicous Coke Light (I love light, less calories?) and bags of chips.
  2. My unrequited love? I am secretly in love with somebody who would never be mine. The subtle pinch of jealousy doesn’t help because he’s such a tease to every lady with boobs, long legs, and eye candy face. He’s also engaged to be married. The picture is so wrong, trust me, my twisted mind, hopeless romantic heart, and lustful feeling are as confused as my supposedly witty brain.
  3. I am super overwhelmed and stressed out at the office. No explanation to elaborate, I am simply working the roles of 5 people.

I visited a doctor and the blood pressure was way too high. It could also mean that I was just nervous having my reading taken alone. Oh, will it contribute too that I checked my work mail before going in to the clinic for check-up? I almost cried in front of the doctor too when I was telling him I am just too tired at the office.

My ECG was all right. I was asked to check my pressure for the next 2 weeks, have my blood taken, but I just not up for it. I know exactly what I need to do, RELAX and get off all my shits.

  1. Hi Yor, I reckon if you change your diet and maybe try to have adequate rest times this might reduce your blood pressure. Did the doctor suggest any medication to regulate blood pressure?

    I would say go for natural food like fruit and vegies and drink water instead of soft drinks. But you probably know this already. Avoid anything with added fat, sugar or salt!

    • Thanks Aunty Uta, the doctor did not find anything wrong and they wanted to fix more tests. I tried to monitor my blood pressure for some days and it was normal, I was just too tensed at that times and I am feeling wonderful now.

      I stopped soft drinks and chips and I go to gym every other day now. 😉

      • Sounds great, Yor. Have you heard of the ‘white coat syndrome’? That means some people’s blood pressure seems to rise when they see a doctor!
        Enjoy the gym! 🙂

      • Seriously, whenever my BP is taken even at home, it spikes crazily. I really do get nervous. 😀

        Gym day today and I will enjoy it.

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