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[1: 1,239 of 10,000] I Am Not A Quitter

In Article on December 13, 2013 at 11:56 AM

Over and over I found myself working for a company that I would find myself trapped, unhappy and feeling I am not contributing to the betterment of the world. I chose companies that has not established its standard, trying to get a niche in the market, and they found me valuable in the team. It feels difficult helping out to make it a successful company and I am ready to quit… again.

When my twisted pessimistic self emerge then George Carlin words swamped my being –


Is that how it really is? Being too afraid to experience hardship and start all over to do what I really need to do. I have experience not having a job and all for the right timing. Rhonda Byrne said on her book, we experience the same challenges because we have not learned what we are supposed to.

A company trust to hire an employee because he will contribute to the company, most definitely to its glorious success. You know the movies were they picture a challenge and at the end things worked out brilliantly. Every time I am in a company that experience great turmoil, I always imagine we can save the day; that with my touch I could build an epic business empire.

I am underpaid right now and I am working more than I can handle; the difference this time around is I am not running away until I make it right. This time I am putting my heart, head, optimism and time. By the time I leave the company, I know I have left a legacy and I have gained the lesson I so long should have learned.

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