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[1: 1,259 of 10,000] Good Bye Coke & Chips

In Journal on January 2, 2014 at 10:53 PM

George launches the Wonderfit Jean - the magical jean where one size fits allThe weighing scale shouts the heaviest I’ve been and if I am letting this careless incesive drinking of soft drinks most especially Coke Light and eating chips every weekend then I couldn’t just expect to lost weight can’t I?

This year I am not going to drink soft drinks because water, tea, fruit juice, and occasional chocolate or coffee drink would be a better option.

As for the chips, I got to say good bye because I am a year older and I am not gifted with a great metabolism that burns calories like magic.

Aside from refraining for unhealthy drink and food, yeah yeah I am hitting the gym this year too! 😉

  1. Just when I was reading your post.. I have a big glass of Hot Lemon Green Tea with me.. Keep on the great motivation!!!

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