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[1: 1,262 of 10,000] Hello Gym

In Article on January 5, 2014 at 10:36 PM

It’s not a dream, I hit the gym!

It’s for the first time this year without excuses, fear, or regrets.

  • Excuses that I am too busy, I make time for my health.
  • No fear that I may not feel accomplished if nothing happened and that crazy popping vein on my leg can be hidden with a legging.
  • Definitely no regret because I am finally doing something to shake my fats! It’s not funny that my dresses don’t fit me no more. I am not making a wardrobe change only to buy 3 sizes bigger than what I already have.

Gym Outfit

My muscles felt the pain but the produced endorphin made me feel high and bursting with undeniable energy.

I am hitting the gym all for the right reasons.

  • Getting in a great healthy shape and hopefully reaching my 110 pounds weight target.
  • Inspired that I could amazingly move swifter, not being dead lazy and munching goodies.
  • Did I mention high? Oh yeah, because it’s really true. I heard a very healthy woman, a t.v. personality covering sports, mentioned in one of her interviews that she cannot not go to gym, I used to think don’t she gets tired, and I found the answer, she wouldn’t because exercise lifts our mood by increasing serotonin levels in our brain. It helps though that I go to the gym with a buddy.
  1. Going to the gym with a buddy, I bet this helps. Do enjoy and keep going no matter what.

  2. I totally agree with you on this… Last year I too started to shake my fats and lost around 10kgs at the gym with the right food, right exercise and very motivating Trainer.. I used to be a blogger.. and I am back again.. Soon I will be putting up my journey on how I chose to live healthy … keep the good work going!!! (no matter wat the world says)

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