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[1: 1,263 of 10,000] Work Hard & Be Nice To People

In Journal on January 6, 2014 at 11:23 PM

Work Hard & Be Nice To People

Isn’t that a very nice saying especially a good reminder to my egoistic self?

Work hard and be nice to people.

Goodness! I was picking fight with one person after another and it is not a good feeling afterwards. I was so furious I cannot bring myself to be positive anymore. Thanks God to my neighbour at the office who gave me happy pills (strawberry mint)!!!

  1. Some days it’s hard to be nice to people. Patience is a virtue I was not blessed with.

  2. Strawberry mint is helping you to keep calm? And you are going to the gym now. Staying physically active may perhaps help too to stay in a certain balance. I find for me it is very important to pay attention to my breathing.

    • An officemate’s nice gesture of giving me strawberry mint was a good reminded or having nice people around – I childishly called the mint “happy pill,” while my sister who knew I am a worrier suggested that I should take a “chill pill.”

      I found a video and “breathing” could help reduce weight but it should be coupled with right exercise and diet. 😉

      • What you say about “breathing” and exercise makes a lot of sense to me. Well, and of course not to forget to eat the right things, which can be a bit difficult at times, right? 🙂

        Keep repeating to yourself: “Don’t worry, be happy!” 🙂

      • Food is good 😀 I totally agree.

        Hakuna matata!!!

  3. What does hakuna matata mean?

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