Yor Ryeter

[1: 1,268 of 10,000] Adult Justifies Mistakes

In Journal on January 11, 2014 at 2:28 PM

The problem with adults is we justify our mistakes especially on questionable love.


Hear my crazy thoughts.

  • I am obsessed with my boss.
  • I think I am in love with him.
  • He is crazy charming.
  • He doesn’t even have the best body but he is quite irresistible.
  • He is engaged to be married.
  • He is a Muslim, he converted just to marry his Muslim fiancee.
  • He is arrogant.
  • He is naughty and playful around women with good boobs and asses and worst part is I get jealous.
  • He craves for attention.
  • I know I don’t want him as a husband but I fantasise that he adores me.
  • He is my addiction.

When I was younger, there would be no way that I would even consider thinking romantically with such a man. A portion of my sane brain still tells me that I should stop liking this man already. I am giving myself an ultimatum and I plan to give my resignation by end of February before I commit and blurt something crazy like “will you have sex with me?” or worst “would you want me to give you a blow job!”

That is how insane my brain and illogical heart right now. I don’t know why. Am I being tricked by my age? Unbelievable and I am not feeling very respectful. This has to end and as my Mum says, “If you don’t like a man, stay far away from him.” She’s right! Definitely without doubt and question – right.

I have been obsessing with other men before but I barely remember their names now, what was important about them before, and all I did was kept my long stretched distance.

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