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[1: 1,273 of 10,000] Mellie Was Raped?!

In Article on January 16, 2014 at 5:48 AM

Jerry Grant (Father-in-law) and Mellie GrantTelevision shows are not real but I get so affected that Mellie Grant, yes the acting first lady in Scandal, spoiler alert coming, was raped by her father-in-law one evening before her husband run for Governor of California! Who knows, the first child could even been Fitz’s brother!!

I know sex for some people is just an ordinary pleasurable act that could not mean anything at all; but I find it sacred for only 2 consenting adults who love one another and have the right circumstance to be together. What do I mean by right? Well, ideally married for the first time unless previous spouse died then can re-marry again. It is old fashion, it is very traditional, and I may never marry at all; but that would be besides the point in this post.

It’s just that sex at the wrong scenarios is just like a pig act – messy and unacceptable for human beings. Does this mean I have found a cause that I would support? I was never raped but I don’t need to be cause it’s a total violation of rights especially a woman who 99% would not have the physical strength to stop the perpetrator. It breaks my heart for Mellie putting up a brave face ALL THE TIME to support her husband. It is not fair that no one defended her, in real life it wouldn’t be that easy.

Let us all be responsible, to be kind and righteous.

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