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[1: 1,281 of 10,000] Is it an irresponsible definition of love?

In Article on January 24, 2014 at 9:55 AM

I heard this from the documentary I Am Britney Jean, wherein Britney Spears also read this from somewhere – “If you love someone you don’t need a reason.” I live with reason so when I heard that it totally bugged my mind.

Reason Defined

I know God loves everybody unconditionally but to love without a need of reason; is that really true love? Or it’s a carefree or rather careless way of saying you could love just anybody you fancy?

Next time I see the man I love even if I am not supposed to love him, could I just say, “I love you for no reason; I just do.” That is absolutely possible because on his end, he could just simply say, “Oh okay, I don’t love you for no reason.”

I rest my case.


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