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[1: 1,282 of 10,000] August: Osage County on Future

In Article on January 25, 2014 at 11:54 AM

‘Thank God we can’t tell the future. We’d never get out of bed.’
~August: Osage County


It is easy to be comfortable. To repeat the exact same life all over even if it is supposed to be a different day. Tracy Letts was actually right in saying not knowing the future should be a perfect enough reason that we get up and find out what in store for us or what are we supposed to create. We should not wait for the right timing to start a marvellous shift because every morning that the sun rises it gives a restart no matter how busted you think your life is.

I am obsessed in knowing the future. I am desperate to find assurance that I would be fine. I am looking for the window that whatever excruciating madness I am in is just temporary. Hearing Tracy’s words, it is encouraging me to be brave to live in the present. I once laid out plans for 5 years and honestly it made be squirmed of boredom; thinking so this is it? I know exactly how I’d turn out? I probably laid out the wrong plan, or it wasn’t meaningful enough!!

It should be comforting that we can live a life that we want if we really really want it so badly. It should be more than enough comfort too that God will always be there every single step, watching, guiding, directing, and definitely letting us fall to learn to get up gracefully. Life is full of wonders, let us stop and witness it and be part of making it.

What are you thanking God for that you don’t know now? Me, my current broken heart, and how it’ll get fixed may be one day.


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