Yor Ryeter

[1: 1,284 of 10,000] Still Not Married

In Journal on January 27, 2014 at 12:34 PM

Yesterday I was totally devastated and expected I should just ignore my growing desperation and then I found out they went to the court but no marriage took place due to missing documents… Even if I’ve given him the exact documents to prepare to make this marriage just legal already.

Is it faith? No! Just a slight delay but my heart leaped for just a little hope, a clear #FalseHope.

His fiancee once asked me, “how do you handle him?” I forgot what I answered but deep inside me, I knew because I love him; and if I love a person, I can make him see the world as the most beautiful place because he’s in it. I can boost his ego, be an actual support, and all to my pride and effort’s expense. I got the purest heart to love that’s why when I hurt, it’s undefinable… it bleeds painfully.

I am jealous and it is one of my greatest reasons why I snap at him at times; but like an addiction, a simple caress in words and those pleading looks melt me to serve his spirit. He always crave for attention, shower of affection, and I know those weaknesses so well because mine is knowing them and giving them. We are actually a perfect match but just not quite right because he chose her and she accepted.

Not married today but definitely in a little while. 😦



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