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[1: 1,287 of 10,000] Resistance Is A Shadow of Our Dream

In Article on January 30, 2014 at 2:48 PM
Steven Pressfield

Steven Pressfield

Through Robert Kiyosaki’s book I appreciate “resistance” and combating it as he also learned from Steven Pressfield that kept us from achieving our dream. It is our very own resistance because according to Steven the more important something for our soul’s evolution the more fear we’ll feel. The pain of not doing is more than the pain of doing.

The solution is just do it and do it hard because the key thing is every dream will always have a shadow in the form of resistance. And the most beautiful attitude according to Steven that we got to practice is ALWAYS to be patient, endure adversity, and play even when we’re hurting. Be in an infantry attack mode to get something done from A to Z. Who shows up everyday and finishes the day without taking failure or success personally.

I battle procrastination or resistance so hard and for the first time I got my AHA moment – all I really need to do is just do it because the resistance will be there but if I keep doing it will get done without fail. I shall strive and I shall succeed.

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