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[1: 1,289 of 10,000] People Want To Belong

In Article on February 1, 2014 at 7:44 PM

Strange Group

Individual may lose proper guidance on choosing a group, we like to call it going astray; but they have a reason for choosing a group. They choose one where they would feel they are seen, heard, appreciated, and get the very sense of belonging. It is no wonder a good kid suddenly joined a gangster brotherhood if they feel that they have seen their reflection on their members not really about the wrongdoing per se but it could be that they show him respect, they acknowledge his presence, he felt wanted and with that he is willing to depart a part of who he is.

A person leaves his habitant when he no longer feel safe not necessarily in terms of financial or even the fact that he knows he is being loved by his own family member; but it is usually the different type of safe net that he looked for. He could take the family for granted because with his friends who drinks and smokes have the same family status that they parents are marrying for the nth time. We have our personal issues and even if we don’t speak about it but when we found people who have been through it; it becomes comforting to see them, be with them, even if we don’t personally admit we are in the same swing.

It is important to create a home that is safe, no unfair judgment, loving and kind. Communication is a great tool especially if there would also be lots of listening. Honesty delivered with kindness and backed with objectivity will establish a mature exchange. It takes practise to keep the teens in their toes but it is not impossible.

  1. Very interested, Have a wonderful day friend 🙂

  2. I agree it is very important to get a sense of belonging, especially for teenagers.

  3. Thank you Gede Prama and Aunty Uta.

    I was a bit hesitant composing this article because my experience on parenting other than being the eldest sister to my sissies is my basis. But along the way, I hear teenage boys as uncontrollable and I wanted to find out how to be there for them especially if one day I will have a son. I don’t want to be clueless.

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