Yor Ryeter

[1: 1,294 of 10,000] Being Racist

In Article on February 6, 2014 at 6:00 PM

My soul mate, my best friend, and one of my dearest sisters is currently in a relationship with a man we all learned to categorised as “not worthy” enough to be part of our family.

Racist Eggs

I’m half Filipino and half Chinese so I certainly understood being different and yet here I am being too judgemental at my sister who chose a nationality I could never imagined to become part of our lineage. Right now I find no reason to ever go to their home country in my lifetime. Will I really want my soon to be nieces and nephews to be mixed with that race?

I am proud of the blood lines that runs through my vein, I don’t really think their kind is beneath me; I just don’t want to be associated with them most especially thinking one of my loved ones kisses one. Eeewwww!

I am racist and I should not because it is wrong. I am not racist to everyone, I like gay men, I like purple people, I try to defend people who are bullied, and yet I can’t bring myself to like this man for my sister. Am I just being protective that she deserves someone better? I think so; even if she think he’s different from the rest of his kinds. It is not my place but I can’t meet him; I am still hoping they break up!

  1. I hope you’ll be able to overcome your prejudices it it turns out that your sister can be happy with him. I think you should give him a chance if he is a person of good character.

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