Yor Ryeter

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In Journal on February 8, 2014 at 10:36 PM

What does it mean by living the dream for me? It would be…

Barrister Chair

  1. Being a business tycoon that gives generous employment for people working and living their passion.
  2. Living in my own house I’ve designed.
  3. Having a gorgeous grey barrister chair.
  4. At peace, smiling, and full of wisdom.
  5. Sharing my love with everyone around me.
  1. Why can I not find any more of your posts, Yor?

    • Hi Aunty Uta,

      I am missing in action. A bit overwhelmed with work but definitely trying to find my centre and enjoying life as it happens.

      Hugs to you!!!


      • Good to hear from you, Yor. If you have some holidays right now, enjoy them. We have the family with us right now visiting over the Easter holidays. I always love to have family staying with us.
        Hugs back to you!!! 🙂
        Aunty Uta

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