Yor Ryeter

[1: 1,297 of 10,000] I’ve Earned “MISS”

In Article on February 9, 2014 at 10:04 PM

Title feeds the EGO but as Robin Sharma taught, you can lead without a Title.


At 25 I have earned my title “MISS” at work.  It feels good and honourable. I also know that it comes with responsibilities. It feels even better that I don’t push people to call me that; it is up to them if they feel like it. Although on occasional circumstance I am a bit hurt when I am not addressed properly when I felt I am definitely a superior and I am around subordinates. I don’t like arrogance especially if I know they have not earned by respect. It certainly roots to my Chinese upbringing where respect and honour are signified with proper title. I never want my younger sisters to ever call me by my first name, they call me “Achie,” which means “Big Sister” in Chinese; when I’ll have kids they will call me “Mom” and never by my first name.

I once heard a very strong and progressive American company where they don’t use “SIR” for seniors but simply with their FIRST NAME. I am indifferent but I should be open to the idea that title isn’t important if I could hear from the tone that there is respect and jobs get perfectly completed.

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