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[1: 1,310 of 10,000] Really Testing ME Huh!!!

In Journal on February 22, 2014 at 8:43 PM

Grown Up BikeI never thought that I would reach my adult years with lots of hyperventilating moment, losing control, and is that what mid-life crisis feels like?

Everything that I have gathered to learn over the years are starting to get questioned; then I feel like I am in oblivion. Is this adult life?

I am a believer of magic and I am not stopping to be stressed out for the rest of my adult life so I am encouraging myself to chill, forgive, and be kind even if I am pissed off. And darn I am being tested every time I thought I am in perfect control. My ears turn red, my blood starts to boil, and then I pat my back to deflate.

Whew! Be nice anyway.

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