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[1: 1,315 of 10,000] My Latest Obsession: BU-BO

In Article on May 16, 2014 at 5:12 PM

Books ObsessionBU-BO meaning Buying Books; and reading them of course! I just purchased AED 869.00 worth of 13 books in few hours. If I did not stop (because it turned out to be an extreme work out for my arms) I could have gotten more. I still love printed books, it’s not about old school but I can carry it where ever I am without the worry of battery life running out.

It’s good for karma (for aspiring published author like me) and it’s good for my starving mind. The surprising thing is I am buying books that were published years back but as I read them they give me all those AHA moments. I am a fan of Oprah Winfrey and she certainly recommended good books. I was right that although I could have watched the whole Super Soul Sunday interview; reading the actual book is still a million times worth it.

Lots of business related books there because I wanted to learn on building a good business; good benefit for my employer and a preparation for my own future entrepreneur self. I can’t wait to finish all of them but not on a hurried reading style since I want to make sure every beautiful piece of advice is inculcated in my being to access it whenever I needed wisdom.

Respect to all authors and here here is my way to show it; buy it, read it, learn it, and the most important is to live those that are relevant to me.

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