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[1: 1,319 of 10,000] What Happen When I Deprive Myself From Nail Polish?

In Review on May 17, 2014 at 6:13 PM

I want my nails to go back to at least some sort of normal state (strong and healthy), no yellow stains, and importantly no breakage (it absolutely put me in panic mode when it broke one time because it was turning soft and brittle). I actually looked for less harmful nail polish and found some from Inglot according to the sales assistant but when I’ve used it, it still left some discolouration so I thought it was just a lame sales tactics. To make the rest mode realistic, I didn’t polish for so many months; similar to my AWOL situation with blogging and maximising my time taking rest and putting concentration at work!!

Deprivation is not normal. It’s not about learning discipline and control. It’s made my mind twisted. So when I was quite convinced it’s time to put on some colours, I lust for the array of displays and then I just painted each nail with different colour from the sample.

Nail Polish Deprivation

I felt a different high. Polish makes me smile. It changes my mood just the sight of it. I am not sure if it has something to do with my childhood where I saw my mum putting on paint and me doing the same at the sideline. I immediately bought 1 and went out shopping some other things; and then while I look at the other colour on my index finger, I could hold myself not to buy another one.

Got 2 from H&M and they have beautiful brushes. Right now, I am starting with “Tea with Milk,” which looks very dainty, chic, elegant, and modest. As soon as am tired, I’ll move to “Cloud My Mind,” which is not really a result of my obsession on polish but really about making me dreamy and happy.

H&M Nail Polish


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