Yor Ryeter

[1: 1,320 of 10,000] Why Did God Create Me?

In Journal on May 17, 2014 at 6:44 PM

Why did God create me? One thing is bothering me right now. I have learned that the only way to really share my talent to the world is when I accept the gift of the unknown, the beautiful unseen; which my ego is getting crushed that I could never do it alone.

I know that He is a very powerful being. I know that I am a part of Him. I know that I am perfect but I got my challenges to battle to make me beautiful. Why would He create me to experience suffering as Jesus had gone through?

"My Dada" Photo by Melanie Tracy Pace

Why did He create me only to depend on Him? Am I too hurt and felt I am doing things alone for so long that I really have no one. Am I being too hard because I don’t see Him and feel His physical presence; and now I am crying my heart out because I know He could hear me and He understood my longing for Him. I am so lost on how I could reach out for Him. I am probably emotional because I have my monthly period, another miracle He made me as a woman who is capable of bearing child.

So many people said that when they let the magic flow into them, they feel complete but not without a battle, not without frustrations, but never without fulfilment too. It is going to be light and worthwhile.

Why am I here? Am I supposed to be a writer? Am I supposed to be an entrepreneur? Why am I starting to become so mean? Am I am turning to someone I could not love?

I shall live being the woman I would love to be with every single day. Maybe that is enough for today to hold on to. No hate. No judgment. With all humility, God hear me cry that I need You in my life; and let me be the greatest that You want me to be. Please give me wisdom and fill my tank with Your love.


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