Yor Ryeter

[1: 1,324 of 10,000] How To Win Negativity?

In Article on June 1, 2014 at 5:02 PM

Have you ever experienced being so annoyed thinking…

  • If only this guy shuts up, my life is at peace.
  • Argh, why are they such a moron?!!
  • Fuck sake, it is all bullshit again!
  • I already sent that email last week, damn don’t they read???!
  • Do I really need to do it all, really ALL!!! I am in freaking vacation.

Just writing those five negative statements above, opened the faucet of my good vibes, and it sure slowly draining my positive juices. Being in a negative state of mind is ridiculously insane because it smoothly leads to the perfect self-sabotage. There is actually a solution; it takes practice and it is doable.

Be conscious of what we think and be conscious of what we do.


Whenever we start being defensive, angry, and in pain; let us pause, take a deep breath and be conscious on what we think. Let’s not negative thoughts empower our capacity to understand, to be calm, and be loving or sometimes requiring us to give tough love but still in the most acceptable human behaviour.

Once we take charge on what we think and even on what we feed our selves, we don’t give in to the urge to be the person we soon later regret or even despise; and we avoided hurting the people around us.

When we say we are conscious, we direct our mind and we don’t get persuaded by impulse to take revenge or to attack.

When we are conscious, we separate the circumstance from our true self, and we can act with the most pleasing way.

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