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[1: 1,326 of 10,000] A Touching Recreation

In Article on June 21, 2014 at 11:38 AM

Beautiful Recreation

The photo above was “Ali & Ben” and “Olivia & Ben”.

Ali, the mommy, died of a rare lung cancer and before Olivia, the only daughter, and Ben finally decided to leave their home filled with memories, they’ve decided that Ali’s sister Melanie, a photographer, recreate some photos from the wedding.

If I am Olivia and when I grew up, I would love my Dad and Aunt who gave me something that I could especially share with my Mom through an artwork when I was at my cutest and most innocent age.

The details are adorable and see how the recreation paired the Daughter-Daddy with red shoes.It is very charming to bring back memories that usually could stir some sadness but still giving hope for beautiful present and future.

For more story and photos, click here.

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