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[1: 1,329 of 10,000] Etisalat Telephone ID For Ritaj Block A Residence

In Review on July 26, 2014 at 8:33 PM

Dubai’s only 2 competing telecommunications are setting to divide Dubai accordingly; meaning this residential block will only install Etisalat and for this part it’s exclusively for Du.

I have been pleased using Du for 2 years and moving from Dubai Sports City to Dubai Investment Park (DIP) 2 meant I can only subscribe to Etisalat.

It was a bad start with Etisalat, I have to patiently wait a long queue at Mall of the Emirates for I think about 30 minutes, STANDING. The waiting was not my problem, the fact that when I was in front of the associate he asked me for at least 1 telephone number in the building, that was my BIG ARGH. (1) I just moved in to a new apartment and am I supposed to be getting phone numbers of neighbours? (2) Do I know that in the first place because they never advertised it?! (3) Or since ETISALAT WAS THE ONLY TELECOM THAT CAN INSTALL IN THE AREA, DON’T THEY REALLY KNOW THE EXACT AREA’S TELEPHONE ID???

I was really furious so for the sake of everyone who are moving to Ritaj, Block A, I will save you the time to find out a single telephone number and just note that the number Etisalat is looking for is EID # DX005023000. The watchman of the building was kind enough to show me the telephone room!

Ritaj Block A Telephone ID

If you think my horror with Etisalat ends there, not even close, because they set a schedule for the installation and confirmed it. I excused myself from the office just to attend to them, only to find out that they were not coming after reconfirming from their call centre that they will. If I didn’t insist to speak with the Supervisor, my service would have not been arranged immediately the following day.

It was a long list of disappointments from Etisalat and it is just annoying to relieve them in words in this blog. Right now, I am just grateful that the Internet connection in our new home is quite fast and the cable TV gives surprisingly delights to the subscribers by opening all the channels during holidays in UAE.

Is it really impossible to stop monopoly and poor service? Is compromise necessary and extended understanding? This is actually a good invitation to all other entrepreneurs who could do better.

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